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Basic Trust - Coaching

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02.-16. Oktober 2022

(64 hours)

Would you like to take some time for yourself?

Learn a new sound method and at the same time relax and deepen your basic trust?

This is possible through the sound-related educational settings, which you will experience and train in every day, through sound meditations, but of course also through the Peter Hess®- Sound Massage and the days off on the beach or in the mountains. In this atmosphere you playfully learn valuable methods, which are certainly wonderful, and which will strengthen you and your clients.

I look forward to meeting you!

Emily Hess



The holiday week includes the contents of the following seminars:

  • Basic Trust - Transformation
  • Basic Trust - Sound of Life
  • Basic Trust - Sound Dialogue

Prerequisites: I recommend having a Peter Hess®- Sound Massage before the seminar

Recognized for: "Basic Trust - Coaching"/”Life Counseling (KliK®)”, “Peter Hess® Life Coaching (KliK®)”, “Child SOUND Relaxation Coaching (KliK®)”, “Peter Hess® Sound Education (KliK®)”, “Soundtherapeutic Tutor/ Peter Hess® Sound Therapist for psychiatrists and for psychologists”, “Soundtherapeutic Tutor/ Peter Hess® Sound Therapist for HP Psych”

Duration: 64 hours

Ammount: 990,00 €



Basic Trust - Transformation

 “It’s always time to start a happy childhood and a self-determined life."


Core content

  • Introduction: What is basic trust, how does it develop
  • “The Throne of Praise”: Recognition of the resources and treasures of each individual
  • Basic trust sound massage
  • Basic trust in indigenous contexts (e.g. among the Newars in Nepal)
  • Experience basic trust in a nourishing sound spacePrerequisites: I recommend having a Peter Hess® Sound Massage before the seminar



Basic Trust – SOUND dialogue

 “In Dialogue with your soul”

Core content

  • Basics of interpersonal communication
  • Learning different SOUND-life-spaces
  • Learning creative and effective, mainly non-verbal, communication
  • Exercises on the application of sounds and their effects


Giving a voice to the energies in us to be able to hear what is hidden within us – only then can we rediscover our self-efficacy and find out how we ourselves have shaped our world and realize changes.


The sound creates an effective harmonization of the world of our soul in connection with the external world. The sound pedagogical approach is a very unique, specific approach to constellations. The sound spaces in the sound dialogue can be understood as constellations in the broadest and most solution-oriented sense. But they are very different from well-known work in this area. You can call it a process of liberation that comes with an unconditional awareness of who you are and who you are not. Experiencing the energy patterns and the “I” have a high priority in the development of the personality. The sound pedagogical constellations are very light and harmonious despite their unconditional depth.


Many graduates of this seminar use its content in their daily problem-solving processes. Life becomes easier, they tell me again and again ... The contents of this seminar are taught in such a way that each sound space can be easily used with clients, patients, and in sound therapy.




Basic Trust - Sound of Life

 Experiencing one's own, positive and sustaining life force


Core content

  • draw strength through the resource-oriented connection to our ancestors
  • experience your own life path through sound
  • "Dance of life" in the sound space
  • using dreams and visions through meditation


Through the lively and exciting sound spaces presented in this seminar, we want to enable you to get back in touch with your own resources and powers – and thus to rediscover or even redesign your biography! Our goal is to let you experience the personal lifeline with focus on its enriching quality. Life has caused tension and hardening in most people. The body consciousness is therefore no longer felt in its complete energy. Sometimes, even illnesses are the result. We use the effect of sounds and, for example, an extended sound massage to relax the body and soul. In the "dance of life" we travel into our own vitality. Thus, the sound spaces of this seminar can enable you to take life back into your own hands and shape it to be self-determined, self-responsible and creative. You can use the learned sound spaces in your therapeutic activity as an additional creative opportunity.


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