The island of Ikaria

The legendary Eastern Aegean island of Ikaria is located between Mykonos and Samos, near the west coast of Turkey. It is 255 km2 and has about 7000 inhabitants. So, lots of space for everyone who lives here. Healthy diet, dancing, and a sense of community are the foundation of life in Ikaria, and apparently also contribute to the long life of the Ikarians. Ikaria belongs to the Blue Zones, one of the five places in the world where people grow older than average and are particularly happy (according to research on Blue Zones by Dan Büttner).

”The landscape of the island is characterised by a ruggedness that has grandiose features. The Oros Athéras mountain range, over 1,000 meters high, runs almost the full length of the narrow island, and in the south plunges steeply into the sea. (...) From whichever side you look at the island, Ikaria always shows itself as a harsh, rugged, and proud island – but one of breathtaking beauty. Pure nature.”(Source: travel guide of Müller Publishing)

What is also special to us is the everlasting fragrance of more than 2400 different types of herbs that grow wild there. Oak and pine forests, along with the magnificent view, make hikes through the mountains a holistic experience.

More information about Ikaria can be found here: – Ursula Kastanias' homepage with lots of photos and information about the island. - Anna & Niko Avramidis' website (including films). In addition to interesting information, here you can also find wonderful Ikarian olive oil.


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